Real Life: How to Have Good Teeth and Save a Bunch

Believe it or not...millions of people in the United States neglect their teeth.
I've selected a pretty to not gross you out by what is out there when you search "bad teeth".
I've seen the worst teeth on celebrities, seems that giving attention to our chops, as a general rule, is LOW on the priority list.

But we all know a smile means everything. 
It can make or break you in situations.
We should pay more attention to our teeth.
It is not as daunting as it seems.
Besides cosmetic reasons, it benefits you tremendously healthwise, too. Your teeth can be a gateway to disease that can lead to death.
Click here for more on that.  
You NEED to also get checked up at least twice a year...because disease and problems can fester for a while and by the time you actually feel likely is too late to recover the decayed tooth.

I understand that everyone, even those with a decent job can't afford standard dental care. But it is more tangible than you may think.

Here's three options that you may have never thought of:

Dental School
  • Low Cost Clinics
  • Dental Schools
  • Discount plans
You can google these keywords for your area and local options will populate. And these options are available even if you opt of Obamacare and have your own health insurance.

Also, do the basics and brush at least twice a day. And floss regularly.
And cosmetically, you can get your teeth whitened for as low as $12!

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  1. I know many people are scared of the dentist, but teeth are so important.


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