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The Pros & Cons of DIY Projects

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It’s one of the biggest trends going in these pandemic times, and there’s a good reason as to why. DIY - just like baking banana bread - is keeping us all busy and sane while we try to navigate the Coronavirus pandemic.

There are plenty of DIY YouTube videos circulating to tell you how to fix this and that in your home, and while you can sometimes replace the broken parts yourself, it’s not always the ideal solution when it comes to structural DIY. You need to know the pros and cons of DIY before you go ahead with any household project that will alter your home in any way.

  • When it comes to your budget, you can really cut down on the money by doing it yourself rather than hiring someone to come in and do the work for you. You can ultimately control what you buy, without having to listen to accept the recommendations of others.
  • You get the chance to practice something with your hands. Whether you read the manual or you watch a video, you need to consider how you can learn more with your DIY efforts. 
  • DIY can really leave you feeling fulfilled, like you have achieved something amazing.  
  • When you do it yourself, you choose exactly how you want things to look. You get to be the person behind the designs and you can make the changes as you choose to do it!
  • If you really enjoy doing DIY, you get to build your skills and eventually, you could make a business out of this! You can vlog your projects and you could blog about them, too, to teach others in the same position you were once in.

  • One of the cons of DIY is that you you won't have insurance if things go wrong. When you hire a professional, they come with insurance and warranties so that you can get some money back should the new changes get damaged.
  • You could be overpaying for the materials when you do it yourself. Experienced contractors will know where to get the best materials at the right price. They typically have access to wholesale resources.
  • DIY takes time, and you will have to manage your project between your other obligations, like work or school. Hiring a contractor and a company to help will save you a lot of time, and all you have to do is approve and of course, pay for the work.

Check out our DIY difficulty scale for all new projects you start.

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