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I love weddings. I love everything about them. The dress, the venue, the décor…I can never get enough. As a makeup artist, I get to spend a lot of time at weddings. It’s one of my favorite things about my job. It seems each bride comes up with some new and fantastic color scheme, homey touch, or fabulous idea for a venue. Not a bad way to spend my days!

One thing typically stays the same though, no matter whom the bride is.

The makeup!

95% of the time, I do the bride’s makeup just the way I did the bride’s before her. When my client asks me what I recommend, I always suggest the same thing - classic, fresh looking makeup.

I feel strongly about a clean, classic look for brides. I don’t ever want any of my clients looking at their wedding photos ten years from now, and thinking to themselves, “That makeup is SO 2014!”

In my opinion, a flawless bridal makeup is one where you’d never be able to tell what year the wedding took place. Unless the wedding is a theme wedding, or the bride likes a very dramatic look, I keep the makeup what I call “sun kissed casual”. This is my term for glossy lips, flushed cheeks, and well defined eyes. I have yet to encounter a bride who hasn’t been thrilled with her look.

So, if you are about to decide on your own wedding makeup, consider the classic choice. You won’t feel over-done, and your fiancé and guests will be captivated by your beauty, not your beautiful makeup.

*The above photos are some of my former clients. Which bridal look is your favorite? 

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