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Everyone knows that a bucket list itemizes all the things you want to do while you're on this Earth. I myself have quite a lofty list of goals I want to accomplish and places to visit. Lately, the thing is to create a reverse bucket list - writing down all the things you've done to this point. (Note: Things of significance to you)

My friend Charlotte has what I consider to be a reverse bucket wall. She has a wall in her home solely dedicated to photos of places she's been, both stateside and around the world. It's pretty darned cool.

Charlotte's Travel Wall

Making a reverse bucket list takes some reflection. When you're finished, you might be surprised at how much you've actually achieved (or, perhaps, be inspired to do more)

I highly recommend parasailing!

Check out my list for some inspiration and ideas.  

Dani's Reverse Bucket List

1) Attended a Broadway show
2) Trained for roller derby
3) Became a licensed Physical Therapist   Assistant
4) Saw Britney Spears live in Vegas
5) Made the college Dean's List 
6) Survived a car crash
7) Gave birth to two amazing humans
8) Successfully put together an event for 1000 people
9) Parasailed
10) Worked as a lifeguard
11) Owned a home
12) Started a business
13) Been published (both for makeup artistry and writing)
14) Learned to shoot a gun
15) Flew over the Cascades
16) Took a yoga class on a paddle board (Didn't fall off either!)

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Have you made a reverse bucket list yet? Drop us a comment and let us know some of the coolest things you've done!

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